Piazza del Mare – The tensile structure

A wing overlooking the sea.

The tensile structure has an area of ​​about 9,000 square meters and looks like a wing that lowers to the sea. The roof is made up of sails supported by six pairs of arched steel beams which are supported by reinforced concrete plinths and inclined steel struts for a maximum net height of 20 meters, completed by six flagpoles for a total height of 45 meters.

A unique skyline.

Piazza del Mareis extremely scenic, due to its unmistakable shape and its view of the docks at the entrance to the port of Genoa, and it is one of the hallmarks of the city’s seafront and fairgrounds.

The large coverage offers protection from atmospheric agents and guarantees large flexibility of use for services dedicated to recreational boating and for setting up exhibition spaces, large arenas for shows and film screenings, indoor sporting events and competitions, temporary exhibitions, concerts , meetings and rallies.

The building was completed in record time, in less than 6 months, to allow for the fitting out of the stands of the International Boat Show. For a better organization of the neighborhood and to make it more easily accessible even for exceptional loads, the access ramp has been modified, adjusting its width and slope.

A spectacular square.

Piazza del Marewas built by a pool of highly specialized companies set up in A.T.I .: ING.INS.INT S.p.A., main contractor, for building works, F.lli Falcone S.r.l. for metal carpentry, Canobbio S.p.A. for roofing and Biffi S.p.A. for the finishing of the roofing membranes. The tensile structure required the use of 1,300 tons of steel, 86,000 maxi-bolts, over 200 foundation piles to support the concrete plinths. Supporting devices typical of bridges were used and the deployment of the lifting equipment used during the assembly phases was decidedly spectacular.

Towards the eastern boundary of the square, the construction of a service building on two levels has been planned for the 2003 Boat Show. The first level, accessible at the level of the square, is intended for activities functional to the needs of the Marina, the second, located at the level of the embankment walkway, is organized to host a large panoramic terrace (overlooking Punta Vagno and Portofino mountain) with flooring in wood, partly covered, and spaces for catering, with a bar / restaurant equipped with kitchen and toilet.

The extension project: the new dock.

The investment made is a first step towards that development that will bring the total number of berths in the Marina from the current 200 to about 600 (400 in the configuration with maxi-yachts), guaranteeing an undisputed leadership worldwide at the International Boat Show with consequent benefits induced for the entire city economy and an important enhancement of the area serving the city.

The New Port Regulatory Plan, approved by the Liguria Region in 2001, provides for the construction of a new nautical dock within the industrial and exhibition district of the port of Genoa, aimed at expanding the nautical exhibition areas on the occasion of the editions of the International Boat Show.

The project is also aimed at expanding the current offer of technical docks within the industrial district of the port of Genoa, dedicated to the repair, maintenance, transformation and construction of pleasure boats sector.

The internal water mirror of the new dock will be equal to approximately 50,000 square meters net (available for moorings), with new apron surfaces of approximately 12,000 square meters, on which a new tensile structure with a surface area of ​​approximately 9,000 square meters, twin of the one already built, half of which dedicated to the mooring of indoor boats and available for indoor nautical activities.

The project for the new dock of Marina Fiera di Genova involves the construction of a new maritime defense work for a linear development of about 1,000 meters, with the creation of a new common access mouth also for the existing technical dock.

The new access, approximately 60m wide, will connect the current technical dock with the new nautical dock, through the demolition of an existing quay section of approximately 50m.

The new apron surfaces will be affected by the necessary surface infrastructural equipment, such as some assistance services for boats (fuel supply), accompanied by the creation of a series of pedestrian connections, part of which through new suspension bridges, for the usability by visitors to the Boat Show of the new docks, home to the moorings of the boats on display.

The new nautical dock will be completed by setting up equipped floating docks (columns, services, etc.) for an overall linear development of about 600 m, for a total capacity of 400 new moorings for pleasure boats that are added to the current provision of about 200 berths. Overall, the Boat Show will have a 200,000 square meters “Sea Pavilion”.

The first phase of intervention will concern maritime defense works and will be partly financed with funds from the Port Authority made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure, as announced by Italian Minister Lunardi at the inaugural ceremony of the 2001 International Boat Show.


9.000 mq
Total or partial use of the area.

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