Porto Antico of Genoa is today the protagonist in the new city waterfront: from Aquarium to Magazzini del Cotone, from Piazza delle Feste to Porta Siberia fortress, it expands to include the areas of Genoa Fair, with the Blue Pavilion, the Piazza sul Mare ​​and nautical docks.

Porto Antico of Genoa is the heart of the city, the soul of the historic center and the largest square on the Mediterranean, it is the always open space where tourism, culture, congresses, fairs, shows, sports, boating, catering and shopping meet every day.


Genoa is strongly linked to its food and wine tradition which, starting from simple ingredients, lots of vegetables, wild herbs and uncommon cuts of meat, has given life to incredible dishes. In the Porto Antico, just like in the whole city, you will find restaurants which reinterpret this tradition with unexpected results, suitable for all tastes and all budgets. At the same time, Genoa is a seaside city that welcome every culture, even at the table. So, you can choose between traditional restaurants, steakhouses, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, artisan ice cream parlors, breweries and many, many places to have culinary experiences of all kinds.