Attention: in conjunction with the first weekends of spring, scheduled events and public holidays, the Porto Antico area will be the subject of a large turnout of the public.
This may cause traffic entering and exiting the Porto Antico car parks.
To limit the problems, here are our tips:

  • download the Porto Antico app to check the real time availability of our car parks (Calata Gadda, Cannoniere, Mercanzia, Porta Siberia and Autosilo)
  • if all the car parks have a red sticker, do not enter the Porto Antico area but take public transport, busses, metro and even using the interchange car parks which are a little further away, but are very well served. You can find all the info on how to reach us here

Parking Porto Antico Area

Park 1 Calata Gadda
203 places on weekdays, 4 of which are reserved for disabled people
260 seats on weekends of which 7 are reserved for disabled people

Park 2 Autosilo
323 places including 8 reserved places for disabled people

Park 3 Porta Siberia
80 places including 3 reserved places for disabled people

Park 4 Cannoniere
43 places

Park Mercanzia
(outside the Porto Antico area) 77 seats, 2 of which are reserved for disabled people.

Parking rates:

Day rate
For the Mercanzia, Siberia and Cannoniere car parks: € 2.00 per hour; if the total stop is less than half an hour € 1.00.

For the Autosilo and Gadda car parks: € 1.80 per hour

Night rate
For the Siberia, Cannoniere, Autosilo and Gadda car parks: € 2.00 from 20.00 to 03.00 (flat rate)

For the Mercanzia car park: € 0.50 per hour from 20.00 to 08.00

Parking in the Porto Antico area is only allowed for cars. It is not allowed to park trucks, campers and the like.

Parking Fiera di Genova

The car parks near Fiera di Genova area are not under the direct management of the Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A. company, therefore for availability and rates it is advisable to check on the website

Outdoor Parking:

  • Piazza della Vittoria – 600 places
  • Piazza Paolo da Novi – 88 places
  • P.le Kennedy, P.le Luther King e P.le Vittorio Veneto – 1.200 places (availability depending on the events)

Indoor parking:

  • Autopark Piccapietra – 500 places
  • Park Vittoria – 500 places
  • Lambruschini Park – 560 places
  • City Park (Madre di Dio) – 250 places