Guest services

Porto Antico Area

Centro radio

24-hour security service at Spina Servizi – 1st floor

Tel. 0102485777


Near the Park 4 Cannoniere there are n. 8 MotoParking, watertight and safe luggage storage rooms that allow the motorcyclist to safely store his technical equipment (helmet, gloves, small objects, etc.) and, using a chain, to block the just half in peace to enjoy a moment of rest before resuming the journey.


Palazzina Mandraccio
Edificio Spina Servizi
Galleria Atlantide presso Acquario di Genova


Magazzini del Cotone – Galleria dell’Ancora
Acquario di Genova – Galleria Atlantide

Tobacco Shop

Magazzini del Cotone c/o Galleria dell’Ancora.

Charging stations for electric cars

There are currently three charging stations for electric cars: one Enel and two new generation stations reserved for Tesla Motors.

They are located near the Park 4 Cannoniere and the Parking Cash Desk of the Magazzini Del Cotone

Fiera di Genova


Ticket Office

The ticket offices are located at the Levante entrance (next to the reception) in P.le Kennedy. On the occasion of events of great appeal to the public, ticket counters are also in operation for the purchase of tickets at the entrance to the Ponente (Naval Repairs) and in the Marina, near the dock of the boat that connects the Porto Antico Area to Fiera di Genova.

For some events, it is possible to purchase tickets online, which can be collected directly at the Levante cashier desk dedicated exclusively to this function.


At the entrance to the Porto Antico pedestrian area, the IAT Tourist Information is open every day.

This is an important reference for the operators of the Porto Antico area and for tourists, who are welcomed by kind and qualified staff, ready to give suggestions and indications on the main attractions of the Area, visits, excursions and the main restaurants as well as a tourist information service about the whole city.

At the IAT-Tourist Information it is also possible to buy tickets for city buses (AMT), tourist buses, tickets for shows, city tours and audio guides, the Museum Card, boat excursions and a last minute hotel reservation.

Opening Time:

In the months of January, February, March, October, November and December

From Monday to Sunday h. 9.00 – 17.50

In the months of April, May, June and September
From Monday to Sunday h. 9.00 – 18.20

In the months of July and August
From Monday to Sunday h. 9.00 – 19.50

Telephone: 010 5572903


Address: Palazzina Santa Maria, Via al Porto Antico 2 (Calata Falcone Borsellino)