Porta Siberia area

Porta Siberia: the historic Mediterranean gateway.

This area is a traffic free pedestrian site on the sea overlooking the historic Porta Siberia building, home of the Luzzati Museum. The mulberry trees create pleasant shadow cones and the rocking of the boats moored on the quays invite visitors to linger on the benches along the old pier.

History embeds the scene.

Similar in shape and destination use to Piazzale Mandraccio, the Porta Siberia Area lends itself perfectly to cultural happenings, sports events, promotional stands and events of all kinds.

Measuring 600 square meters, with the scenic backdrop of Porta Siberia in the background, this bright and charming area is a special setting for meetings and events.

The ancient gates of the city.

Porta Siberia, designed by the architect Galezzo Alessi, is the only gate amongst those built in Genoa in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries still standing.

The name “Siberia” is due to a mispronunciation of the word “Cibaria” used because by sea through this passage food stuffs entered the city or were shipped to other Mediterranean ports.


600 square meters against the scenic background of Porta Siberia, suitable for business meetings, events and promotional stands.

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The nearest parking is Porta Siberia.