Piazza delle Feste

A multifunctional space.

Overlooking the sea, a short walk from the historic city center of Genoa, Piazza delle Feste is a stylish marquee incomparably versatile.

Dominated by the panoramic lift, the “Bigo“, the canopy holds an ice skating rink from December to March; the rest of the year it’s used for outdoor entertainment hosting numerous cultural and sports events, performances and shows.

Superb beauty.

Unique in its kind, the marquee structure designed by Renzo Piano covers a portion of the pier, 2,000 square meters available for trade shows, thematic exhibitions, cultural and sports events, product launches.

Also, by fitting a stage and seating area up to 500, the marquee can turn into an open air theater for music, plays and dance performances.

Piazza delle Feste annually hosts several of the city’s most prominent events such as the SUQ, the Science Festival, and in July, part of the Porto Antico EstateSpettacolo festival.

Renzo Piano’s idea.

The roof canopy of Piazza delle Feste is supported by two tall poles of the Bigo structure tensioned using a unique assembly of smaller supporting poles and ground pins. The structure open on four sides and covered in a particular transparent fabric is illuminated naturally.


Fit for concerts, theater and dance performances.
Up to 500 seats.

For more information contact: eventi@portoantico.it

The nearest parking are Acquario, Porta Siberia, Cannoniere and Mercanzia