Le Bighe del Bigo – Genova Segway Tours

Segway rent.

The Segway is the most enjoyable means for touring Porto Antico and the historical city center, in a quiet, safe and fast way.

As futuristic Roman chariots, the Segway is a human transporter that moves in perfect equilibrium by exploiting self-balancing mechanisms and advanced technology.

Learning to use one is very simple. In just a few minutes, will the help of the Segway rental service skilled staff, you will become expert drivers.

To go forward, brake or take a turn, you just make small body movements, without having to apply physical strength.

After a short test drive, you’ll be ready to take a ride along the wharves and alleys aboard your Segway and observe Genoa from a different perspective.

All of Genoa, effortlessly.

Ideal for riding on Porto Antico’s pavement and juggling through the “alleyways” of Genoa, the Segway will take you up hills, down slopes and along city sidewalks. Aboard a Segway your tour of the town is limitless.

You can drive along the quays, discover the many activities of Porto Antico and stop to enjoy the view safely and freely.

Guided tours.

The more adventurous can join one of the guided tours of the city: the “Giro Caruggi” in the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, the “Giro Kilo” with many tastings in typical Genoese shops and the “Giro Lanterna” from the commercial port leading to the foot of the symbol of Genoa, the Lighthouse.

Le Bighe del Bigo – Genova Segway Tours
Via al Porto Antico, 2
16128 Genova
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The nearest parking are Porta Siberia and Mercanzia.