Il Marin

Starring Fish and sea food.

A menu entirely dedicated to fish, a large window overlooking the city of Genoa, a team of talented young chefs: these are the true ingredients of the Marin.

Gourmet restaurant offering the most refined dishes, Marin is the top-notch restaurant inside Eataly Genova offering a wide selection of dishes both refined and simple at the same time.

Local raw materials..

Mainly prepared with local semi-processed products the Marin is a true paradise for seafood lovers. Here you will find specialties like: anchovies from Camogli, shrimp from Santa Margherita, Gragnano spaghetti with sardines, fish lasagne, fried whitebait, the traditional “cappon magro” and many other sea-food delicacies.

Il Marin
c/o Eataly Genova
Millo building, Calata Cattaneo, 15
16126 Genova
Phone: +390108698722


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The nearest parking are Acquario, Porta Siberia and Mercanzia.