Eataly Genova

The taste of Italian excellence.

Eataly Genova is the place dedicated to high-quality Italian food, much more than a supermarket and not just a restaurant.

Extended over the entire top floor of Millo Building, Eataly Genova welcomes you in its 2,000 square meters and beautiful glass window dominating Porto Antico and the city.

Seated at the tables overlooking the sea, you can eat at one of the themed restaurants: Pasta, Pizza, Meat, Fish, Cold Cuts & Cheeses and Vegetables, each with a new menu every day, or in the gourmet restaurant The Marin.

All around, between the shelves, a variety of foods ranging from fruits and vegetables, local cheeses, pastries, cakes, preserves and many others, in addition to the fresh products from the bakery cooked in the wood-burning oven, the coffee shop with the dessert of the day and the Gelateria Alpina Lait on the ground floor.

Accessible High Quality.

Eataly is born from the Slow Food philosophy that aspires to make products of the Italian culinary tradition, with special attention to the quality of raw materials and the sustainability of production, accessible to the public.

Focusing on local products, Eataly Genova displays over 6,000 products for sale, including more than 40% coming from Liguria such as olives and olive oil, wines, chickpea flat bread and, of course, pesto.

Food culture.

Eating well also means knowing food. Eataly Genova organizes year-round courses for children and retired people with nutritionists and experts in food and wine culture.

For those who want to get their hands dirty, a full calendar of events ensures amateurs and professionals an ample choice of activities like hands on cooking classes, tastings, discussions and themed dinners: to learn the basics, learn a different culinary tradition or specialize in fashionable decorative techniques.

Eataly Genova.
Building Millo, Calata Cattaneo, 15
16126 Genova
Phone: +390108698721


The nearest parking are Autosilo and Calata Gadda.