Progetto Illuminate

Illuminate is a “smart” lighting project in prestigious urban areas.

A more efficient lighting system from many points of view: better energy efficiency, considerable cost savings and superior light quality.

An international jury chose Genoa and the Porto Antico to become one of the Illuminate pilot projects and to benefit from these significant improvements, which involved various European cities and places of cultural, tourist and civil value.

Inside the Porto Antico, the Illuminate project had to respond to some needs: address the concerns for the safety of visitors and commercial activities, reduce the energy consumption of the Area, reduce significant maintenance costs, intensify the attractiveness of the area for visitors and tourists.

A series of works that took place during the years 2012 and 2013 led to the following results:

1. Introduction of the LED lighting system along the dock of the Cotton Warehouses.

2. Use of color change devices for the lighting of the historic crane and inside the cabins.

3. Illumination of the facade of the Cotton Warehouses with adjustable white light.

4. Adjustable white light illumination of pedestrian streets and main road.