Cine&Comic Fest

Cine&Comic Fest is the film festival that explores the relationship between cinema and comics, realized by Porto Antico to enrich and integrate the Porto Antico EstateSpettacolo program with cinema events.

It’s located in the most evocative locations of the Porto Antico, from the historic fortress of Porta Siberia to the floating Isola delle Chiatte. In three editions, Cine&Comic involved more and more both the public and the media thanks to an interesting and rich program of events and guests: meetings with movie directors, actors and artists, workshops with artists of contemporary comics and illustration and great films in national preview.

Cine&Comic has been confirmed as an appointment very appreciated by professionals, artists who fall in love with the scenery of the Porto Antico and also by the public who appreciates the relaxed atmosphere in which they can meet and converse with artists.

Cine&Comic Fest is an event that guarantees a very targeted visibility towards an audience that is attentive and sensitive to the magic of cinema. And all of this in a context of big visibility such as that of the Porto Antico and its EstateSpettacolo.