Scirocco and Libeccio – Magazzini del Cotone

Trusses and sea-view.

Windows overlooking the harbor plus the charming architectural feature make the Scirocco and Libeccio rooms one of a kind. Either a single room or two independent ones thanks to the soundproof wall system and autonomous audio video equipment including separate interpretation booths.

Provided with double reception desk, meeting room, Speakers’ Ready Room, cloakroom and a vast adjoining area for exhibits and receptions.


Scirocco and Libeccio: 260 seats (movable chairs)
Scirocco: 140 seats (movable chairs)
Libeccio: 120 seats (movable chairs)

Brezza: 15 seats

Adjacent support space to Scirocco-Libeccio, with square table, fitted upon request or up to 15 theatre-style.


Scirocco and Libeccio section


Technical specifications

Scirocco and Libeccio separated

  • length m. 13
  • width m. 13,8
  • height from m. 3,10 a 6,20
  • 1 support office / small lounge area
  • common foyer (124 sq. m.) with reception desk

Scirocco-Libeccio configured as one room

  • length m. 26,8
  • width m. 13,8
  • height from m. 3,10 to 6,20
  • 2 support offices/small lounge areas
  • foyer (124 sq. m.) with reception desk

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