The Space Cinema

The Multiplex Cinema in the city center.

The Space Cinema is a multiplex cinema at the Magazzini del Cotone building well served by parking lots, near restaurants, pizzerias and bars.

For over twenty years, Porto Antico’s multiplex cinema is the city’s busiest thanks to its strategic location and its varied and up to date programming.

After the radical restructuring completed in late 2010, today The Space Cinema offers ten different sized rooms all equipped with comfortable armchairs and in a minimalist design decor enhancing the soul of industrial Cotton Waehouses (Magazzini del Cotone) architecture.

The most modern technology for a perfect view of the latest films on the bill, both in the classic 2D version or in the more enveloping 3D.

Spectator at the core and preview events.

The Space Cinema pays great attention to the viewer. In fact, The Space offers various options to promote the rediscovery of a watching movie at the cinema: reductions, discounted prices to view art films and 2 hour free parking for movie goers.

Providing all-round entertainment, The Space Cinema organizes special evenings with exclusive events: live sports matches, famous rock and pop concerts or the opportunity of viewing an opera or ballet as if you were sitting in an opera house.

The Space Cinema
Via Magazzini del Cotone
16128 Genova


The nearest parking is Autosilo.