Sightseeing Boat Trips

Discover Genoa and Liguria from an exclusive perspective.

Choose a boat trip and live a unique and fascinating experience; set sail from Genoa’s Porto Antico Genoa to visit the most beautiful places in Liguria.

From April to September, hopping aboard one of the boats of the Golfo Paradiso and Liguria Via Mare companies is the best way to reach Portofino, San Fruttuoso and Cinque Terre.

Cruise along the Ligurian coast comfortably seated on covered vessels touching the main seaside towns: from Nervi to Portofino through Bogliasco, Sori, Recco and Camogli.

Go farther and let yourself be lulled by the movement of the waves for a trip overlooking the breathtaking landscapes of Vernazza, Monterosso or Portovenere.

Navigate to the Cetacean Sanctuary.

If you love nature, you can not miss the Whale Watch Genoa appoinments, the exciting excursion to observe the largest mammals that swim freely in the Ligurian Sea.

From spring to autumn, the companies Golfo Paradiso and Liguria Via Mare organize sight seeing tours of the Cetacean Sanctuary, the stretch of sea between Liguria, Tuscany, the French Riviera and Corsica in which whales, sperm whales, dolphins, bottle-nose dolphins have found an optimal habitat to live and reproduce.

A trip that surprises and entertains adults and children: a day to discover the nature that surrounds us, accompanied by a marine biologist to help deepen our knowledge and learn to care for the underwater world.

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