One Eyed Jacks

Ready for an exciting evening?

One Eyed Jacks is the pub where you can drink a good beer in a thriller atmosphere.

Inspired by Twin Peaks, the cult TV series of the 90s, the restaurant is located near the ancient walls of the port and re-creates a mysterious setting, particularly suited to late nights.

If, after a partying night, you feel the twang of hunger, One Eyed Jacks serves many types of hot sandwiches, burgers and a wide selection of beers from around the world.

And if you’re not a late night-er, at One Eyed Jacks can enjoy lavish aperitifs with light snacks and themed cocktails before dinner too.

One Eyed Jacks
Calata Marinetta, 8
16128 Genova
Mobile: +393889599123


The nearest parking are Porta Siberia, Autosilo and Calata Gadda.