I tre merli

The authentic taste of tradition.

The Tre Merli Restaurant is synonymous to high quality Genoese cuisine. Here you will find typical Ligurian dishes with a modern twist, made with fresh, local ingredients: trofie, pansoti, homemade pasta with meat sauce (“tocco”) and, of course, the famous Genoese pesto.

The Tre Merli is the place where you can order the traditional Genoese stock-fish stew, cheese focaccia , crispy chickpea flat bread or for the more demanding palates, the incredible delicacy “Cappon magro” (fish, shellfishes and vegetables set in gelatine).

A unique restaurant: inside an environment evoking typical Genoese medieval architecture with tall columns with black and white segments; outside a large outdoor area to fully enjoy the view on the docks.

Guaranteed raw materials.

The Tre Merli restaurant is part of the Genoa Gourmet consortium, which unites the best restaurants in Genoa and guarantees the exclusive use of local ingredients, such as D.O.P. – protected basil and D.O.P. – protected extra-virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera.

I Tre Merli
Millo building, Calata Cattaneo, 17
16128 Genova
Phone: +390102464416


The nearest parking are Acquario, Porta Siberia and Mercanzia.