Coop Libraries

The right book.

Buying a book is not just about buying a printed volume.
Librerie Coop know this very well and therefore each purchase has its own importance and is transformed into a cultural experience, always new.

Thanks to their competence and experience, the staff will advise you among the deep assortment of more than 25,000 titles articulated in different sectors.

Stimulating the imagination with a good book is Librerie Coop’s favorite pastime, and so here there are books of all kinds, ranging from the humanities to the sciences and to the sector dedicated to children with too many games.

Superb reading.

A very large section is dedicated to Genoa with maps and guidebooks, but also historical, cultural and popular publications and dictionaries of the Genoese dialect which enhance the cultural heritage and allow citizens, visitors and tourists to satisfy their curiosity about the city.

Today and tomorrow books.

A library up with the times, which address to traditional readers and to those who are fascinated by the world of technology and the eBooks.

Thanks to a project developed together with the online bookstore Bookrepublic, the readers will interact with digital books, read the preview, buy and discover editorial contents using a touch screen and a video wall.

Not only books.

The library, in front of Piazza delle Feste, is also a lively cultural gathering place: events, book presentations, exhibitions and debates to go beyond the dimension of the book and live with culture all-round.

Librerie Coop
Via al Porto Antico, 1
16126 Genova


The nearest parking are Acquario, Porta Siberia and Mercanzia.