Step into a tropical rainforest.

The Biosphere is the scenic structure near the Acquario di Genova, where you can learn about and defend the beauty of tropical forests.

This spectacular spherical structure of glass and steel was designed in 2001 by architect Renzo Piano and thanks to a computerized air conditioning systems is home to over 150 animal and plant species.

These natural systems, amongst the richest in terms of biodiversity are quickly becoming smaller due to the fast development of human activities.

Micro-climate and extraordinary emotions.

A small botanical garden on the water, the Biosphere is a complex and exciting micro-climate, where experienced staff will guide you can closely observe many species: turtles, fish, insects and a variety of birds such as the scarlet ibis, the diamond Mandarin or the rare weaver bird.

Walking through ferns and palms, you can learn to recognize plants used by man as chewing gum, coffee, vanilla and many exotic fruit trees.

Ponte Spinola – Porto Antico Area
16128 Genova
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The nearest parking is Acquario.