Acquario di Genova

Exploring the deep blue sea.

The large Cetacean pavilion, 70 tanks, more than 15,000 animals belonging to 400 different species. Over 24 million visitors from 1992 to today, these are the numbers of Genoa Aquarium, the biggest attraction of Genoa.

Known throughout Italy and a source of pride for the city, the Aquarium has an extensive aquatic biodiversity so as to make it the most important in Europe.

If you are among the few to have not yet been there, prepare yourself for the stunning large shark tank, smile at the mannerisms of the Penguins, look closely and be amazed at the loveliness of the huge manatees. On the other hand, if it’s not your first visit, there is always something new to learn at the Aquarium of Genoa; discover a new aquatic species or a new way of observing nature.

Make friends with the dolphins.

Opened in the summer of 2013, the Cetacean Pavilion is the new big attraction of the Aquarium of Genoa; here you can see the dolphins from all angles. Four large open tanks and the chance to meet Linda, Betty, Mia, Nau, Teide and Robin: get to know them, listen to them, see them, above and below the water level. The first contact with the dolphins is from behind a large glass window that can be opened for a more intense experience; then you will dive into the blue sea, along the underwater tunnel: here you can fully enjoy all the movements and the composite aquatic life of these large mammals.

Live dolphins, but also a new section dedicated to the Pelagos Sanctuary, the largest marine protected area in the world located in front of Genoa which you can visit by boat thanks to the trips organized by Whale Watch Genoa.

A full spectrum of biodiversity.

With its 70 tanks the Aquarium offers an incredible exhibition of aquatic biodiversity: tropical fish, jellyfish, amphibians and plants that live in the great depths of the sea. Recently opened after a major restyling, the Biodiversity Pavilion is the natural tour of the Aquarium‘s “green” visit. The tour winds along the Nave Blu (docked at the Aquarium of Genoa) displaying the rocky coast of the Mediterranean and a touch tank where you can enjoy petting stingrays. The Madagascar environment, one of the most species-rich habitats is displayed in the Nave Blu’s tropical lagoon and its alligators, corals and the dense vegetation of its typical forest.

Acquario di Genova
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